Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Yet another blog about nature photography?

Quick answer: "yes"
Long answer: "yes but..."

I am an Italian expat living in the Netherlands for few years, and I am very interested in nature and nature photography. The Netherlands are definitely the right place to be.

There are plenty of very good blogs of amateur and professional Dutch photographers that I follow constantly, but I could not really find an English one. I therefore decided to start my own :-)

I usually have at least one or two days dedicated to photography per month, I will try to report as much as I can about the locations, the birds and animals, and all the information that could be useful for another photographer who - looking at the photos - would like to visit the same places. When possible I will try to refer to the beautiful sites such as waarnemingl and vogelkijkhut where all the right information usually are.

Now it's a quiet period, since it's too late for the migratory birds and too early for the big mammals. I will probably write a post about some sessions of this summer, or directly a new post about the incoming rutting season.

I hope I will be able to write something interesting for the visitors of this page.

All the best.


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