Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Godwits are back!

This is just an heads-up.
Bar-tailed godwits are back, and they have been back for a while now. From the end of March, I would say.
I met them in Texel, but - of course - the primary place for the Amsterdam-based photographers is the Arkenheem Polder meadows area just south of the Flevopolder in Gelderland. If you visit the area by car, please, make sure you are only using the car in the roads where it is allowed, if you need contact me for more information.
Godwits will not stay there forever, already after the end of May they'll move in other areas. I will follow them, for example in the Groene Jonker, as every year. But Arkenheem is worth a visit if you are around, for example for the photographers who travel to the Netherlands to visit Texel in these days, the polder could be a nice chance to fill-up the memory cards.

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